We have your back! We are committed to helping you achieve your student recruitment goals – whether that is in person or virtually.

Travel Events

The AEO Tour offers multiple options throughout the year to assist you in your recruitment goals. AEO Tour offers the best student recruitment tours of Asia. As usual, the AEO Tour is 30–60 percent lower in cost than any other tour. Not only do we offer affordable tours, but the cities we choose have also proven to be excellent markets for recruiting high-quality, full fee-paying international markets. We are confident that we provide the best value and high ROI for any university and college in the USA.

Virtual Events

To accommodate universities and colleges during the pandemic, AEO Tour has offered and will continue to offer multiple virtual events throughout East and Southeast Asia. We are mindful of the challenges facing international recruitment this school year and have created a variety of events for every budget. These events have proven to not only be very effective, but very affordable for you. A staple of AEO Tour is to provide affordable recruitment events that will give you a high ROI. We are excited to offer the following events below!

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