International Student Recruitment Made:


Southeast Asia: Feb. 29-March 20 (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia) 


East Asia: April 7-20 (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong)


“It was truly one of the most organized events I have participated in. I enjoyed the student and counselor conversations and hope to continue to build on those in the upcoming weeks and years.”

“I can’t stress how impressed I was by the level of organization, amount of student engagement, and quick turnaround on getting us data for the students we talked with. I’m looking forward to the next one and wholeheartedly recommend AEO to anyone who is looking for an alternative to expensive (and often empty) virtual fairs and high school visits.”

“AEO Tour cares about both the student experience AND the college or university experience when setting up virtual events. Attention to detail is given with clear instructions well in advance of the date of the event. I never feel rushed to have a last-minute practice session or wonder how the program will work….all is made clear.”

“COMPLETE info was given well in advance, not last-minute as some tours I experienced. Collection of ALL registrant names adds value to us since most do not come to talk to us. Quick 10 minute presentations are perfect amounts of time to keep students engaged, then back to the fair.”

“AEO Tour has been a strong piece of our recruitment strategy for the last several years. Through this organization, I have been able to build our brand with high school counselors across Asia. Every necessary aspect of pre-tip planning, whether in person or virtual, is fine-tuned, making participation clear and fruitful. Time and money spent is always a great value with the AEO Tour team.”

“I liked the ease of set up – it was very well organized. Hosting the school visits and fairs in Zoom was also nice since that is a familiar platform to most everyone these days.”

“STUDENTS ACTUALLY SHOWED UP! Though there weren’t always a ton there, there was far more engagement than I’ve received in any other visits.”

“Great job in pre-event communication, set up of the Zoom rooms. Made it easy to log in and be prepared.”

“Simple, clear and well-organized!”

“I liked the general idea of having it be school specific to have counselors take ownership of pushing students to participate.”

“Well organized, good platform, good variety of schools, clear communication and instructions.”

“I really like the fact that we get all of the names and the way you forward them CRM ready! MUCH appreciated, Ben!”

“The fair platform was cool when students participated. It definitely fostered an environment where students could see what was going on from a larger scale and join groups that looked like they were popping.”

“Cost and communication from the AEO Tour were good. I appreciate the effort!”

The AEO Tour Difference

No other tour or exhibitor spends the amount of money and time that AEO Tour does in promoting our public exhibitions and school visits. Every tour is led by an experienced tour guide and not another recruiter. Before each tour, we personally visits each school and ensure that every city on the tour is perfectly organized for you! We put in all of this work, because we want to ensure that your money and time are both well spent.

AEO Tour also gives back! Last fall, we awarded $22,000 in scholarships to international students to help them pursue their dreams of studying in the USA!

Customized Tours

We know that every institution has big goals and limited resources. We understand this fully! That is why all of our tours are fully customizable to fit any budget.

Participants on our tours have the ultimate flexibility to do what is best for them. Whether you want to stay with us from start to finish or hop on and off a few cities and stay in hotels of your own choosing, we will help support you any way we can. 

We’ve Got You Covered


All transportation (including inter-Asia flights) is included for participants on the full tour. Just make it to the first hotel and we take care of everything else. If your plans differ and you need to do your own thing – no worries. We are more than happy to work with your individual travel plans to ensure that you are taken care of.

Hotel Accommodations

Your participation in the full tour includes hotel accommodations and buffet breakfasts each morning in the top hotels in each city. Most hotels include club lounge access as well. If you would like to book your own hotels, we will provide you with our list of hotels.

Group Activities

We know that traveling alone is no fun, so whether you like it or not – each AEO Tour group becomes a big family. We plan activities each night of the tour, several group dinners, and an excursion mid-tour to recharge. Not only do participants on the tour become great friends, but also valuable resources for each other.  

#’s From Our Fall 2023 Tours:

Public Exhibitions


School Visits

Students Met

Students Reached Virtually


Traveling with AEO Tours was an incredible and excellent experience. As a young professional looking to grow engagement in Southeast Asia, I walked away from this tour with probably a 1000% increase in student engagement, and even better experiences. Ben from AEO Tours also took great care of the group and made sure everyone was fed and looked after each day – which for a three week trip with 20+ people is no small feat! We got everywhere we needed to go when we needed to get there, and it was just an excellent experience overall. We will surely be traveling with AEO Tours again.

Joshua Daily

California Baptist University

I just want to say, you absolutely blew it out of the water with the fairs this week. It was certainly the toughest virtual event I’ve done since COVID started, but definitely the most productive virtual fair in terms of students, high school counts, schools scheduled and universities represented- you did it better than any other big fair organization – this was truly unique. I joked with my colleagues that it was literally me traveling to Asia, but just from the comfort of my home. I know it must have been a lot of hard work in getting those visits together and you were a champ to stay with us the entire time.

Also, talk about top-notch concierge service! I really, really, appreciated you converting the times to EST and gently nudging us along – it really helped.

Great job and definitely looking forward to another AEO event!

Mindy Yiu

Miami University

AEO invests its heart and soul into making recruitment trips productive! This is one of the most reliable groups for student turn-out in the business…. representatives will leave more culturally aware from the events the group arranges making the best use of time between events.

Rebecca Hanson

University of Iowa

The Best International Student Recruitment Tour in Asia.

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If you are interested in increasing your international student recruitment numbers, maximize your budget, and have a great time, AEO Tour is for you!

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