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Customized Tours

We know that every institution has big goals and limited resources. We understand this fully! That is why all of our tours are fully customizable to fit any budget. 

Participants on our tours have the ultimate flexibility to do what is best for them. Whether you want to stay with us from start to finish or hop on and off a few cities and stay in hotels of your own choosing, we will help support you any way we can. 

The AEO Tour Difference

No other tour or exhibitor spends the amount of money and time that AEO Tour does in promoting our public exhibitions and school visits. We still advertise in all newspapers (because parents still read the newspapers) as well as very heavily online. AEO Tour exhibitions are known to have parents accompanying students. Our full-page, full-color advertisements are seen by millions throughout Southeast Asia. AEO Tour also personally visits each school prior to the tours and also sends thousands of mailings to every high school in every city we visit. We put in all of this work, because we want to ensure that your money and time are both well spent. 

We’ve Got You Covered


All transportation (including inter-Asia flights) is included for participants on the full tour. Just make it to the first hotel and we take care of everything else. If your plans differ and you need to do your own thing – no worries. We are more than happy to work with your individual travel plans to ensure that you are taken care of.

Hotel Accommodations

Your participation in the full tour includes hotel accommodations and buffet breakfasts each morning in the top hotels in each city. Most hotels include club lounge access as well. If you would like to book your own hotels, we will provide you with our list of hotels. 

Group Activities

We know that traveling alone is no fun, so whether you like it or not – each AEO Tour group becomes a big family. We plan activities each night of the tour, several group dinners, and an excursion mid-tour to recharge. Not only do participants on the tour become great friends, but also valuable resources for each other.  

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School Visits

Students Met

Students Reached Virtually


The AEO Asia tour (Spring 2017) was extremely productive. I had known about AEO, but had not yet selected to go on one. My thoughts now are “why have I not been on this before now?”  All stops were perfectly coordinated regarding time and travel, getting us into 4 schools per day. Bob Allan surely knows this region inside and out. The advertisement obviously worked, because we had strong attendance as well at the public exhibitions. I appreciated the balance and number of schools on the tour and could not ask for a more friendly group of representatives to spend time with. The leaders are sincerely interested in ensuring they deliver the most successful tour possible for every type of school.

Becky Hanson

University of Iowa

I have traveled with AEO Tour since 2015 and it never disappoints. Excellently organized and fast-paced, this tour has everything I’m looking for in a recruitment trip. Bob Allan knows the Southeast Asia market better than anyone else in this business and this is shown by the large number of students attending all of the high school fairs and exhibitions. Also, being a considerably more affordable option than other tours, the return on investment from AEO is by far the best available in this region. AEO also does a great job creating a friendly atmosphere with a good balance of universities attending it.

Juho Karppinen

UMass Dartmouth

I’ve been participating in the AEO Tour for 15 years. I stay with this tour because of the good turnout at schools and exhibitions. We increased our enrollment of students from Malaysia from 1 in 2003 to 70 in 2018. The AEO Tour played a big role in this accomplishment.

Heather Pearson

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The Best International Student Recruitment Tour in Asia.

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If you are interested in increasing your international student recruitment numbers, maximize your budget, and have a great time, AEO Tour is for you!